Posts 1 and 2: Linked in progressive movement to the actions taken by the groups, placing it in the larger context of the class. Also fixed some editing so it would flow better.
Posts 3 and 4: I’m not sure why you counted off for not having a primary source, as I used the propaganda poster in the ASL post. But, I couldn’t find much other than editing to improve in these posts.
Posts 5 and 6: I included another source to make it 4 total. Also edited and tried to not make such sweeping generalizations in my paper.
Posts 7 and 8: Included MADD information in the paper, to make the facts more strong. Tried to focus more on actual problems at the time when these events took place.
Introduction: Simplified my summaries of the roots of prohibition by taking out excessive information. Also strengthened my argument that alcohol trends embodied larger social movements by providing specific examples.

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